Shahzeb Raja Noureen

Shahzeb is a SAMBa PhD student in mathematical biology with a background in applied mathematics. His work focuses on cell migration and the collective behaviour of cells.

Shahzeb earned his BSc in Mathematics from the University of Greenwich. He then went on to do an MSc, also in Mathematics, at the Queen Mary University of London, where he worked with Dr Rosemary Harris on stochastic models with memory effect. He joined SAMBa in September 2019 and subsequently joined the Yates Group in May 2020.

In common with the rest of the group, his work concerns modelling biological phenomena using stochastic agent-based models. He is particularly interested in modelling the migration and collective movement of the melanoblast neural crest cells in the early stages of embryo formation. He is also working on adding realism to existing cell models by allowing more complex dynamics (such as interactions between multiple species of cells) and deriving the corresponding deterministic models.

Aside from academia, when not in the pandemic, Shahzeb is an avid badminton player, likes to read fiction, cook and learn to play the violin. He also loves cats.

Seeing the world through a mathematical lens